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Quick Style is originally a dance group that expanded their creative specter and is now projectors of people, artists, art, entertainment, culture and their own craft which is visual art. They have appeared on various national and international TV shows and have become well known through their performance. They have worked together with labels like Sony Music, Universal, Warner and many more as creative counselors, choreographers and Directors. The Quick Style also appeared in TV commercials in Japan like Pepsi J Cola and Toyota Car commercial and worked with Samsung, Nike, Adidas. Monster and Redbull. ​


Winners of Norwegian Got Talent 2009 The group Quick Crew as known as Thequickstyle won Norwegian got talent in 2008 on national television. Ref link:


Opening act for Eurovision song contest 2011 Eurovision Song Contest attracted about 204 million viewers. 2016 Eurovision was seen by 200 million viewers. Thequickstyle was in charge of direction and participation of the opening act.

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